Why Weight Loss Is Only A Small Step Towards Your Ultimate Fitness Goals

Like many people, you may be of the mind that your real life will begin as soon as you reach your weight loss goals. Most consumers are waiting to fit into a specific garment size, or obtain perfect measurements, before they’ll be willing to let themselves feel good and engage in life in the proactive and wholly positive way that they’re meant to. There are many obvious reasons why this is a problem. Foremost among these is the fact that weight loss is nearly impossible to attain by all those who have put real and genuine living on hold. Following are several reasons why weight loss is only a single step in your overall journey to fitness and good health.

Your Weight Won’t Change Until Your Mind Does

Weight loss is really all about changing your habits, but you can’t accomplish this until you change your mindset. There are a lot of things that you’ll have to think differently about. For instance, although eating right and working out will help you drop pounds, eating what you want and leading a primarily sedentary lifestyle will also produce results. These may not be results you want to see, but they’ll be results nonetheless. You have to realize that you’re always creating changes in your life, whether through conscious or unconscious action. To lose weight and actually keep it off, you have to assume a more powerful position in your life; always recognizing that you’re in power of shaping yourself, your existence and your health.

Long-Term Weight Loss Is An Ongoing Journey

Weight loss isn’t something that you can commit to and then grow lax in, expecting things to carry on as they should. This is why developing a new mindset is so important. The notion of implementing a diet with a beginning and an end is a misleading one. Even after you’ve dropped the expected number of pounds, you’ll need to keep challenging yourself physically and eating the right type of fuel if you want to keep it off. Reverting back to your old habits will likely cause you to regain your weight, and at a more rapid pace. For some people, reverting back to bad habits can even result in additional weight gain.

People Can Be Thin And Unhealthy At Once

It’s also important to consider the fact that there are many different forms of fat loss and many different ways to achieve it. People who engage in restrictive calorie cutting often end up losing muscle mass as well. Some may even experience severe nutrient deficiencies. With insufficient lean muscle, it’s possible to be both unhealthy and thin. This is what people often refer to as being “skinny-fat”. As such, you want to make sure that your weight loss program includes plenty of cardiovascular exercise, and sufficient strength training for both building and preserving lean muscle.