Fitness Is A Long-term Game

In an era of instant gratification, patience is a virtue that is difficult to hold on to. We want to get everything in a snap be it product deliveries or digital downloads. Things move much faster today than ever before such that our perception of time has changed. We often grow impatient with ourselves if we can’t achieve our goals right away, leading to frustration and more than a few unhealthy shortcuts. We have to understand that some good things truly take time. Fitness is one of them. It can take many years to develop the kind of body that we wish to have.

Slow and Steady to Avoid Crash and Burn

The thought may seem daunting but do not be discouraged. The first few weeks and months of your training will yield massive returns right away. It can be quite tiring and you will feel a lot of aches but the body will adapt to the stimulus. After a while, however, progress will start to taper off. Resist the urge to do too much too soon just to get stronger, faster, or fitter during this phase. Get a coach, professional or knowledgeable friend, who can help you to train in such a way as to avoid injuries and burnout while maximizing long-term results.

Prehab is 1000x Better Than Rehab

Anticipate problems and deal with them as soon as you sense their probability of occurrence. You can’t do anything about acute injuries from slips, falls, and crashes but you can surely prevent overuse injuries from muscular imbalances and overtraining. Make it a habit to work on all muscle groups, even the small supporting muscles that don’t necessarily contribute to an impressive physique but help to stabilize and strengthen everything else. Balance left and right, front and back. Do self-massage even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day using rollers and balls on sore tissues.

It’s the Little Things That Truly Matter

While muscles are stimulated in the gym, they actually grow during the period of rest and recovery. You must give yourself time to absorb the stress before you get back into punishing training. You schedule should focus on different areas on different days. You should also provide your body with the nutrients it needs every single day. Drink plenty of water. Be sure to rest and sleep well every night as well. These little things may seem trivial but your disciplined commitment will be what separates you from the rest.